Cherry Fig Mostarda 2.75oz


This Cherry Fig Mostarda is the perfect sidecar driver to cured meats and aged cheeses and our first break away from our saucy preserves. This is your go to for charcuterie board pairing. This beautiful, savory, chunky mix is made from nearly all organic ingredients including California sun-dried figs and Michigan grown sour cherries that are slow-cooked for hours in Denver's own Stem Ciders real dry cider, a cider dry fermented from fresh pacific northwest apples. We then add loads of spice, yellow and brown mustard seeds and powder, red chile pepper flake, black pepper and cacao nibs from the award winning chocolatier, Cultura Chocolate. Our Mostarda is a thick figgy, cherry forward paste with a kick in the pants. You will fall in love with this one. Great with cured meats, sandwiches, aged cheeses.