The Hangout Reversible Face Cover-Kids & Mini



The Hangout Reversible Face Cover. Hand made.
These are NOT a substitute for social distancing, washing of the hands or sanitation requirements put in place by the CDC.

These are NOT medical grade and should not be considered a way to prevent the wearer of contracting the virus. Wearing a cover will shield others from saliva droplets from the wearer.

These babies are washable.

Each mask is a random pattern.

Reversible covers made of vintage African Mud-cloth or hand loomed patterned cotton and lined with cotton jersey. Elastic straps at sides. 

Suzie of CRAWFORD DENIM & Melissa of THE HANGOUT partnered to create these. 

KIDS measurements-4" x 10" + 1 1/2" elastic strap

MINI measurements-3" x 9" + 1 1/4" elastic strap