Jute Wall Hangings

Maddi and Joan



Jute plant hangers. Modern, natural vibe for your favorite plant babies. These plant hangers will work in any room from the kitchen to the living room and patio area. Each plant hanger has a unique style and design to it. The finishing fringe is mixed with raffia to add another layer of texture. Grab one or many to create a mini plant sanctuary. The possibilities are endless. The perfect gift item for your favorite plant lover.

Maddi and Joan truly came to life in 2019. In a moment when life was knocking Marquia down during a divorce, this artist pulled herself up and fell in love with that creative girl inside herself again. As the knots began to flow, she was not only reinventing herself but also reinventing her space. A home that she could call her own. It grew into sharing this aesthetic. Helping you to then create your space that is your own.

Her mission: to provide women with urban boho macrame decor for their home and personal style.

Her fuel: A female run business that's all about showing love, supporting, cheering, and standing with other women and female entrepreneurs.

Her superpower: working with jute! Manipulating that rope into something that feels natural and makes a subtle statement is her total vibe. Along with other quality materials she loves to work with, her love for macrame lives in every piece she makes.