BCB We're Going to Need More Wine



In the spirit of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, and Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, a powerful collection of essays about gender, sexuality, race, beauty, Hollywood, and what it means to be a modern woman

Actress, activist, and one half of a power couple, Gabrielle Union is actually a lot like the rest of us. She’s also navigating today’s world in ways that are all too familiar. She carried family baggage, suffered the wrong men to find the right one, fought for jobs, and pushed her way past head shakers and naysayers who thought she was less than. She’s lost boyfriends and best friends, and lived through divorce.

In this engaging, provocative, and funny collection of essays about her life and our modern world, Gabrielle reveals the smart, tough woman she really is. From her younger years as one of the very few African Americans in her California high school to the harrowing story of her rape and its aftermath; her navigation of Hollywood to her role as stepmother to her husband Dwyane Wade’s sons, We’re Going to Need More Wine is one dear friend dishing to another. Surprising and special, it will nourish your soul and expand your mind.