BCB The Comeback


A heartfelt #OwnVoices middle-grade debut about a young girl trying to be a champ—on the ice and in her life.

Twelve-year-old Maxine Chen is just trying to nail that perfect landing: on the ice, in middle school, and at home, where her parents worry that competitive skating is too much pressure for a budding tween. Maxine isn’t concerned, however—she’s determined to glide to victory. That is, until she finds herself in competition with Hollie, a gifted new skater, and at school is getting teased by a bully for her Chinese heritage. With her world akilter, will Maxine crash under the pressure? Or can she make a comeback? Set in Lake Placid, New York, this is a spunky yet stirring story that examines racism, female rivalry and friendship, and the enduring and universal necessity of love and support.