BCB Sidelined


NOW IN PAPERBACK: Shrill meets Brotopia in this personal and researched look at women’s rights and issues through the lens of sports, from an award-winning sports journalist and women’s advocate

In a society that is digging deep into the misogyny underlying our traditions and media, the world of sports is especially fertile ground. From casual sexism, like the proliferation overpriced pink baseball caps, to more serious issues, like athletes who abuse their partners and face only minimal consequences, this area of our culture is home to a vast swath of gender issues that apply to all of us—whether or not our work and leisure time revolves around what happens on the field.

No one is better equipped to examine sports through this feminist lens than sports journalist and radio host Julie DiCaro. Through her experiences covering professional athletes for over a decade, DiCaro has been outspoken on the exploitation of the female body, the systematic bullying of women in the workplace, and the male-driven toxicity in sports fandom. Now, through candid interviews, personal anecdotes, and a no-nonsense call-to-arms, she’s tackling these thorny issues and exploring what America can do to give women a fair and competitive playing field in sports and beyond.

Covering everything from abusive online fandom at Barstool Sports to sexist treatment of Serena Williams and professional women’s teams fighting for equal pay and treatment, and looking back at pioneering women who took on patriarchy in sports media, Sidelined will illuminate the ways sports presents a microcosm of life as a woman in America—and the power in fighting back.