BCB Running


Cuban American Marianna has always given her father her vote. But now that he’s running for president, she starts to view him with new eyes, and isn’t sure she likes what she sees. An authentic, humorous, and gorgeously written novel about waking up and speaking up.

Senator Anthony Ruiz is running for president. Throughout his successful political career, fifteen-year-old Mariana has been his biggest fan, but a presidential campaign brings a whole new level of exposure to Mariana and the rest of her Cuban immigrant family, from a 60 Minutes–style tour of their house to s doctored photos and invented scandals on social media. As tensions rise within the Ruiz home, Mari begins to learn about the details of her father’s political positions, and she realizes that he is not the man she thought he was. Then kids at her school start pushing her to speak up against him. But the idea of clashing with her father in front of the world seems impossible. How do you find your voice when everyone’s watching?