BCB Never Go Full Pai


BCB Never Go Full Pai

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All night parties. Quick love affairs. Wild and carefree adventures. Perfectly filtered Instagram posts. A break from reality for most, but not everyone has a perfect life to return to when stepping off the road.

In Never Go Full Pai, immerse yourself in the world of backpacking and hostels. Join two young travelers on the backpacker circuit as they explore art, love, and develop an unlikely friendship during their adventures through Europe and Southeast Asia.

Follow Charlie, a young man unsure of his future - a limiting disability he knows all too well and a talent he doesn't believe in. And Ace, a backpacker legend haunted by his past - someone who only knows how to do one thing when people get too close...run...and keep running.

In this satisfying novel escape into a story that has plenty of heart and much to say about following one's dream and the power of connection and friendship.