BCB Mixed Plate



A hilarious, fearlessly honest, and profoundly relevant memoir by superstar Filipino-American comedian internationally celebrated for his family-inspired humor.

Comedian Jo Koy is beloved around the globe for his relatable humor about his family: his overbearing Filipino mom, his rebellious sister, his “indirectly” racist American stepfather, his own smart-ass teenage son. In this funny and moving memoir, Koy uncovers the stories behind the stand-up: the conflict, the drama, and the laughter as he struggles to find his place in an industry, a country—and the world.

In Mixed Plate, Koy opens up about his childhood—his birth on an Air Force base in Misawa, Japan, to a Filipino mother and a white father who abandoned him—and reflects on what it was like to be thrust into a world that had no idea what to make of him, with a family that was poor, fractured, and plagued with violence and mental illness. Koy reveals how he eventually learned to embrace his identity through the power of comedy. By telling stories that are both Filipino and universal, he found his voice—and helped empower his hundreds of thousands of fans to find their own.

Mixed Plate illuminates the burning drive and unique humor that make Jo Koy one of today’s most successful comedians.

Illustrated with 25-35 personal photos.