BCB Lulu in the Sky



When readers first met Loung Ung, she was a young, innocent child in Cambodia, preoccupied with the same daily ups-and-downs as children all over the world. But forced by the Khmer Rouge into the life of a child soldier, she soon found herself locked in a desperate struggle for survival in Cambodia's notorious killing fields. By the end of the tale told in her bestselling, critically-acclaimed memoir First They Killed My Father, she had lost her parents, two of her sisters, and twenty other family members. Then her life took a turn. As she relates in Lucky Child, Ung began a new life in Vermont as a Cambodian refugee, grappling with post-traumatic stress and cultural assimilation, and learning to come to terms with her sister’s experience as a genocide survivor left behind in rural Cambodia.

Now, Lulu in the Sky tells the next chapter in Ung’s life, revealing her daily struggle to keep darkness, anger, and depression at bay while she falls in love at college with Mark Priemer, a Midwestern archetype of American optimism. Lulu in the Sky is the story of Ung’s tentative steps into love, activism, and marriage-a journey that takes her to a Cambodian village to reconnect with her mother’s spirit, to finding a vocation focused literally on healing the landscape of her birth, and to the patience and unconditional support of a very special man.

Heartfelt and universal, Lulu in the Sky is a story of healing, hope, and finding the way home.