BCB Lockhart Women



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Brenda Lockhart’s husband announces he’s leaving her for an older, less attractive woman on the night of O.J. Simpson’s slow speed chase through Southern California after the murder of his ex-wife. Devastated and lonely, Brenda becomes addicted to the media frenzy surrounding the murder investigations and trials. In the ensuing months, her whole family falls apart but ultimately comes together again in unexpected ways.

Brenda Lockhart’s family has been living well beyond their means for too long when Brenda’s husband leaves them—for an older and less attractive woman than Brenda, no less. Brenda’s never worked outside the home, and the family’s economic situation quickly declines. Oldest daughter Peggy is certain she’s heading off to a university, until her father offers her a job sorting mail while she attends community college instead. Younger daughter Allison, a high school senior, can’t believe her luck that California golden boy Kevin has fallen in love with her.

Meanwhile, the chatter about the O. J. Simpson murder investigations is always on in the background, a media frenzy that underscores domestic violence against women and race and class divisions in Southern California. Brenda, increasingly obsessed with the case, is convinced O. J. is innocent and has been framed by the LAPD. Both daughters are more interested in their own lives—that is, until Peggy starts noticing bruises Allison can’t explain. For a while, it feels to everyone as if the family is falling apart; but in the end, they all come together again in unexpected ways.