BCB Learn Work Lead



So you've Leaned In, now what? In today's world, women's career success relies on much more than just taking advice from a mentor, knowing how to network, and being proactive. Young professional women have to learn how to analyze career decisions for themselves and figure out what to do when their decisions don't work out.

Learn, Work, Lead: Things Your Mentor Won't Tell You is a cutting-edge career and job search guide that will teach you those skills and give you the tools to navigate successfully in a gender-biased workplace. It will show you how to plan your career now so that you will be chosen to lead in the future.

Learn about the corporate world. Topics include:

  • Make your boss look good.
  • Find your voice.
  • Plotting your course
  • How do you network?
  • Want it? Ask for it!

This book offers coaching on how to analyze career decisions and make the best choices, even when your solutions differ from your mentors' advice.