BCB It's About Damn Time (paperback)


From a black, gay woman who broke into the boys’ club of Silicon Valley comes an empowering guide to finding your voice and achieving success on your own terms.

In 2015, Arlan Hamilton was on food stamps and sleeping on the floor of the San Francisco Airport. She had no network in Silicon Valley, no background in finance - or even a college degree. What she did have was a fierce drive, and a dream of breaking into the venture capital business. She couldn’t understand why people starting companies all looked the same (white, male), and saw the chance to invest in the ideas and people that others overlooked. 

As much as we wish it weren’t so, we still live in a world where being underrepresented often means being underestimated. But as someone who makes her living investing in high-potential founders who also happen to be female, LGBTQ, or BIPOC, Arlan understands that being undervalued simply means that a big upside exists. Because even if you have to work twice as hard to get to the starting line, she says, once you are on a level playing field, you will sprint ahead.

Drawing on her remarkable journey from food stamps to venture capitalist, she inspires us all to defy other people’s expectations and become the role models we’ve been looking for.