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#1 New York Times bestseller What Kind of Woman returns with a collection of found poems created from notes she received from followers, supporters and detractors, a ritual that reclaims the vitriol from online trolls and inspires readers to transform what is ugly or painful in their own lives into something beautiful.

The book will be packaged with a smaller trim and format, making it the perfect gift to give to special friends and family or as an act of self-love.

"I hope your kids aren't reading this stuff"

"You are just a fat, dumb girl from Pennsylvania"

"I'm sure you could benefit from jumping on a treadmill"

These are real messages that have been sent to Kate Baer on Instagram. As her presence grew on the social media platform due to the love for the poems she was posting, so did her inbox with absolute strangers writing to her directly, both through Instagram direct messaging and to her email address, with "advice", opinions and outright harassment.

At first, the trolling was unbearable and overwhelming. But she found solace in the counter messages from readers who love her writing, find comfort in it, and appreciate the themes of her work. Buoyed by this support, she stopped immediately deleting the cruel messages, and decided instead to make art from the abuse. What followed was a ritual that became a phenomenon. The poems she creates by pulling specific words from both the mean spirited and encouraging messages have become some of her most shared posts on Instagram with her followers begging for a collection based entirely on this work.

In this collection: a book of poems she has created from both the darkness of the internet and the negative aspect of having a platform on social media as a woman, as well as those she has made from the heartwarming messages of support, thanks and connection.