BCB Conscious Closet



* Burning Issues Book Club - June 2020 Book *

Elizabeth L. Cline, a journalist and consumer culture expert, offers an action-oriented introduction to sustainable fashion, with fresh research on fashion’s impacts and illustrates how we can leverage our everyday fashion choices to transform the apparel industry and change the world for the better. 

Based on her personal experiences getting off the fast-fashion treadmill and figuring out a common-sense and affordable approach to conscious style, Cline will share how to pare down your closet; swap, resell, or recycle what you don’t love; better care for and repair what you do; and how to affordably buy, thrift, or rent the ethical wardrobe of your dreams. Whether your goal is to build an effortless capsule wardrobe, keep up with trends, buy quality, seek out ethical brands, or all of the above, this is the book for you.