BCB Black Girl Baking


Standout, soul-food-inspired baked goods that take advantage of all five senses.

Jerrelle’s Honey Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread smells of the sweet bread her father would use to pack his lunch every morning. Her Bruleed Buttermilk Pie mimics the cracking surface of the crème brulee her great aunt used to make for her on special occasion. Drenched in imagery, these healthy recipes are like therapy, bringing the reader back in time to appreciate the simple pleasures of childhood using the five senses.

Jerrelle Guy is the creator of Chocolate For Basil, a vegetarian blog that has been featured on Vogue.com, Food52 and in the Boston Globe, to name a few. Her Instagram is full of stunning photography and has over 41,000 followers.

These recipes tell Jerrelle’s story while urging the reader to step away from the book and submerge themselves in the senses of baking—feel for clumps in the dough, smell when the nuts are toasted, hear the hollow knock of a perfectly cooked loaf of bread. With incredible baked goods with a soul food twist like Five Spice Baked Rice Pudding, Brown Sugar Plantain Galette, Corn and Serrano Soufflé and Sticky Date Sheet Cake, Black Girl Baking is a book to be remembered.

This book will contain 75 recipes and 75 photos, each with vegan alternatives.