Baby Clothing Swap 5/12


Are you sitting on a pile of baby clothes and don’t know what to do with them? Join us Thursday, May 12th from 6pm-8pm to swap baby clothes with local parents. Sizes NB - 24 Months.

Babies grow out of clothes so fast and we all know the environmental harm caused by the fast fashion industry. So why not come together as a village (it takes a village!) and swap baby clothes with other parents to help mend our planet.

This baby clothing swap is parent inclusive. All parents are welcome just as long as you have baby clothes to swap!

Sip on something nice as you Swap baby clothes and parent stories. Wine & tea will be available for purchase at The Hangout Market.

Bring clothes, leave with clothes. It’s that simple! Here are some details on how this baby clothing swap will go:

  1. Please bring quality, well maintained baby clothing and accessories, sizes NB - 24 Months, you no longer want or they have grown out of. Aim to bring 10 pieces of baby clothing or accessories. Just think of things you want your baby to receive if it were new to you. I know kids can be messy and make stains, but be mindful of what you are swapping. No stains, peeling, broken, rips and tears. You get the gist of it!
  2. Bring a reusable bag for your babies new threads you will be taking home.
  3. From 6-6:30pm we will sort clothes and accessories into categories for ease of swapping.
  4. At 6:30pm let the fun begin! Mingle, sip, and swap!
  5. No limits on how much you can take but keep in mind, only take what really catches your eye for your baby. Ethical sustainability is key, so we don’t want these items ending up in landfills just because it was free. Take what really sparks joy for you and your babe!
  6. All leftover baby clothing and accessories will be donated to the nonprofit women’s shelter, Lydia House.

There is limited space for this event, so be sure to sign up to grab a spot.