Deco Wood Trivet

Deco Wood Trivet

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Super versatile and thoughtfully designed, these printed wood trivets and coasters are both absorbent and heat tolerant. Each trivet can hold a hot dish or serve as a large coaster for a pitcher of drinks. They also make lovely homes for potted plants while protecting wood furniture. Fresh and modern lines inspired be art deco patterns adorn this "Deco" trivet. The geometric design adds subtle graphic interest while remaining minimal and classic. Great for use as a centerpiece on your table.

One trivet 11" diameter - 1/4" thick 

Wood will both absorb the condensation from cold drinks as well as tolerate heat from hot beverages or a dish from the oven. 

+CARE: pat dry after use, wipe clean, never submerge - for use holding dishes from up to a 400*F oven. Arrives lightly coated with mineral oil (also known as salad bowl oil) a food safe oil that conditions the wood. If desired, periodically re-apply oil to keep the finish fresh. 

Made in the USA in Chicago