Sharp White Cheddar

Keystone Farms Cheese

1 lb. (16oz.) block - individually wrapped for retail Our white cheddar cheese is aged over 9 months. Sharp is the term that indicates how cheddar changes in flavor and texture as it ages. With it’s smooth, bold, rich and creamy flavor it makes it perfect for snacking and melting in your favorite recipes. Pairs well with there’s a lot of flavor and texture going on with aged cheddar, so you want a drink that stands up to that but doesn’t overpower it. We like off-dry, mature beverages that have just a touch of sweetness like saison ale, cider, bock and belgian ales. For wine, we recommend riesling, chardonnay and champagne (whites) and syrah, pinot noir and chianti (reds). Bourbon and single malt scotch are always sure bets too.