BCB Cook's Tour



From the bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential—a culinary travelogue of his adventures from the Far East to the West.

In A Cook’s Tour, Anthony Bourdain criss-crosses the world, sampling local delicacies from the sublime to the bizarre. In Japan, he eats traditional Fugu, a poisonous blowfish that can be fatal if prepared incorrectly. He travels to Cambodia, up the mine-studded road to Pailin into autonomous Khmer Rouge territory and to Phnom Penh’s Gun Club, where local fare is served up alongside a menu of available firearms. In Saigon, he’s treated to a sustaining meal of live cobra heart before moving on to savor a snack with the Viet Cong in the Mekong Delta.

To Moscow and London, the Sahara and Mexico, the lochs of Scotland and back home again, Bourdain’s itinerary touches every corner of the globe. Throughout his travels, Bourdain discovers again and again the importance of community, kinship, and the power of food to bring people together.