Fuck Off Embroidered Hangout Reversible Face Cover

The Hangout


The Hangout Reversible Cover with chainstitch now available! $35

These are NOT a substitute for social distancing, washing of the hands or sanitation requirements but in place by the CDC. 

These are NOT medical grade and should not be considered a way to prevent the wearer of contracting the virus. Wearing a cover will shield others from saliva droplets from the wearer.

Reversible covers made of vintage African Mud-cloth or hand loomed patterned cotton and lined with striped cotton jersey. Elastic straps at sides.  These are available to ship or pick up/drop off.

This is a special run. Limited of extremely limited quantity. 

Masks are sized ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Medium to large.

11" side to side, 4.5" Nose to Chin. Measure your face before purchasing.

Suzie of CRAWFORD DENIM & Melissa of THE HANGOUT partnered to create these one of a kind hand made covers, and then we worked with @JadenandJon to have them hand chain stitched on her awesome vintage machine..

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